Nature art: DIY wall hanging 

Oh how I love to create. My latest creation obsession is incorporating nature into my art! Now I can not take full credit for this idea: I was inspired by a post I saw on Pinterest. But I would like to share my version!

What you will need:  

  • Large piece of cardboard for the stencil
  • Marking pen and stencil
  • String/twine (I used white)
  • One large stick for the horizontal structure
  • Sticks: try and find sticks as straight as possible to make this project easier and collect way more than you think you need. I had to make many trips to my local bushland to collect more sticks!
  • Sandpaper and sanding block
  • Hand saw
  • Wood stain (any colour you like)
  • Paint (I used white + dark pink and mixed them together to create 3 different shades for the Balayage effect)
  • Nails and hammer (to hang)
  • Decorative vine and fairy lights (optional)

How to create: 

  1. Mark a heart shape on cardboard. Make this as big or as small as you would like your hanging to be.
  2. Lay your sticks onto the shape. At this stage, don’t worry about their length, just lay them out aiming to get the sticks as close together as possible to ensure a good shape. This is where having straighter sticks makes it easier.
  3. Once you have filled your outline with sticks, mark with pencil on your sticks where you need to cut them to the desired length to fit inside the shape. I cut the bottom of the stick at an angle to create a tapered effect.
  4. Saw the sticks to the desired length. img_7911.jpg
  5. Sand down the sticks to remove bark, create a more uniform texture and get rid of rough edges.
  6. Stain the sticks using wood stain on a piece of cloth. Allow to dry overnight.
  7. Using pencil, mark a line across all of the sticks around 1/3 to halfway up the heart.
  8. Paint the botto
    m of the sticks in the darkest colour (I used dark pink) – the sticks in the middle will have the most of this colour and there will be less and less as you move out to the edges.
  9. Mix some white and create a lighter pink and paint just on top of the base colour. Make sure to blend the colours slightly to create a smoother look.
  10. Continue repeating the above step with lighter shades of paint until you reach the pencilled line. Allow paint to dry.
  11. Lay the large horizontal stick across the top of the stencil at the distance you would like it to hang.
  12. Cut a piece of string. Tie the string around the first stick, run it taut toward the horizontal stick and tie firmly directly above the heading stick. The best way to tie the string is to wrap it around the stick several revolutions then tie a tight knot.
  13. Continue with each stick, ensuring that the horizontal stick is re positioned in the same place each time to keep the shape. This step can take quite a bit of fiddling around. As you can see, I lost patience during this step and my heart is consequently a little uneven. But I don’t mind a little imperfection!
  14. Once your sticks are all attached, carefully transfer the hanging to the wall. Enlist a helper to hold the hanging steady as you put a few nails halfway into the wall for the stick to rest on.
  15. Readjust the sticks when it’s hanging to ensure you still have your shape.
  16. Decorate with vine and lights as desired.



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